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Removable Restorations

Full Dentures

 Our dentures offer a high level of comfort, fit and performance with the individual characteristics of each patient. Natural-appearing dentures must take into consideration not only the proper arrangement of the teeth, but also the patient’s skin tone, shape of the face, gender, tooth form, and color. Dentures that are esthetically pleasing is only part of the equation. At RiverRock we utilize a unique process to insure that our dentures will work in harmony with your muscle and skeletal structure. Our dentures are contoured in a manner that promotes self-cleansing and the appearance of natural tissue. We use high-quality materials to assure good retention, durability and a natural look. While other companies may be able to offer slightly more affordable dentures, they cannot compare to our quality. In fact, we use the highest-grade materials for our product. Whether you need full or partial removable dentures, we know that you’ll be happy with the results.RiverRock has been changing the landscape of dental esthetic performance for many years.  Our main focus is lifelike for the long-term (not quick fix façades).

Partial Dentures

RiverRock Dental Laboratory, Inc. is proud of its reputation for quality and service in our cast frameworks. One way that we have been able to maintain that reputation is by always seeking for better ways to serve our clients. When your patient is missing some of the teeth, we offer acrylic, cast and / or flexible partials to replace the missing teeth, to give the complete support, and to preserve the remaining teeth of the patient.

Obviously, this level of quality costs more……… Or does it? With RiverRock’s expertise, you can now save for retirement AND give your patients real value. With high performance standards in both quality and efficiency, we can reduce chair time, eliminate return “emergency visits” and create happier patients. If you have determined the real cost of hassle free, efficient, lifelike dentistry, then RiverRock is the right dental laboratory for your practice.

Enduring Performances

Patients can easily determine the immediate value of smile esthetics simply by viewing your previous work. Long-term value, however, is often difficult for them to adequately appreciate until weeks or years have passed. Of course, you know the ramifications of success and failure in either situation: it’s right there in your head. 

RiverRock provides a level of performance that ensures endurance and proper function while achieving exceptional form and beauty. We call it high quality with a purpose. Slathering on “esthetic glazing” without proper fit and function can turn an exciting opening night into a short-run performance. Review RiverRock’s success pillars.

Enduring Esthetic Success Pillars

 Tim Bolin uses the AccuLiner as a major pillar in RiverRock’s platform for long-term success- from smile makeovers to dentures.

  1. AccuLiner’s value to RiverRock is closely associated with another pillar of long-term success: how teeth and neuromuscular elements relate to each other. Find out more on how RiverRock incorporates Ortho Cranial Dentistry into its success regimen.
  2. The dental materials/services components and the service strategies/technologies we utilize are another important pillar.

The superstructure of these pillars is the continuing education element. Review what Tim Bolin and RiverRock’s Team have done, and are doing!