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Ortho-Cranial Expertise

Changing perspective can change lives. The Ortho-Cranial Dentistry perspective goes beyond teeth by examining and improving jaw and muscle alignment. Tim Bolin, RiverRock owner and certified dental technician, changes outcomes by changing perspectives. His extensive expertise in ortho-cranial based treatment overcomes once intractable oral dilemmas.

Patients with oral pain demand relief.  Patients without pain want to leave the chair pain free . Dentists (and patients) who already know OCDs’ benefits want- no they require– a lab that gets it right and even improves outcomes.  

One of RiverRock’s pillars of long-term success is creating a proper ortho-cranial relationship with the teeth. This relationship is vital when considering the complexity of full-mouth reconstructive dentistry, and valuable in the evaluation of any restorative or aesthetic situation. From our collaboration with clinical experts to our own training in ortho-cranial therapy, we possess the qualifications to achieve long-term success.

What is Ortho-Cranial Dentistry?

The ortho-cranial approach goes further behind the scenes than teeth and joints, taking into account how the muscles and nerves of the jaw and face coexist with them.  Ortho-Cranial Dentistry (OCD) is concerned with the dynamic physical relationship between the range of motion of these joints and body posture.

While teeth are an important element in this relationship, their optimum performance and function is based on how well the muscles are working together.  The dentist scientifically determines the correct jaw position or posture, objectively measuring muscle function to determine proper jaw posture and its movement and function. Years of “unexplained” (TMJ) pain can be turned into a memory. Those considering “purely esthetic” changes need to know about the ortho-cranial relationship. Without the teeth, facial muscles and jaw joints in harmonious balance, painful complications can develop.

Neuromuscular dentistry and how teeth relate to one another is also used closely with the AccuLiner, continue reading below to find out more about the AccuLiner.

Advanced Dentistry & Dentures with AccuLiner • Occlusion Encore

Tim and his team at RiverRock use the AccuLiner as a major pillar in RiverRock’s platform for long-term success. Each human form is unique, jaw, muscle, teeth, etc. Cranking out teeth in an assembly line process is in direct conflict with this uniqueness reality. With RiverRock and the AccuLiner, uniqueness is transformed into success with efficiency, accuracy and predictability.

The AccuLiner, an orthopedic analyzer/articulator, is an exceptional clinical diagnostic tool. It digs deep into occlusal problems and shows the way out. It lets RiverRock fabricate any restoration, dental appliance or prosthesis very precisely while level and at right angles to effectively manage the forces of occlusion. With AccuLiner, RiverRock delivers dentures, seats crowns & bridges, as well as provides orthopedic services predictably. No longer waste your precious time adjusting the occlusion, let us put you in front of more happy patients.

How Does AccuLiner Create Occlusal Harmony?

  •     Diagnoses Dental Abnormalities
  •     Locates the Plane of Occlusion
  •     Provides Exact Data For Occlusal Designs
  •     Helps discover The Proper Mandibular Position