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We are proud to sponsor a new online study club that offers CE credits, nationally-known presenters, and   at-your-convenience viewing options.

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About RR — Personalized Consistency

You’ve got 500 channels and can’t find anything exciting to watch? Choosing the right dental lab has the same challenge. Once you scrape away the hype, performance consistency is what makes for exciting and reliable dentistry. If you are always redoing, you understand why reliability is vital because it gets things done better and more efficiently. The way it should be!

Our dentists are not worldwide widget makers. Likewise, we are only restoring or enhancing ONE person’s smile. Call NOW and talk to a person about ONE person’s smile.

Choosing RiverRock Dental Laboratory equals direct access, expert feedback and superior performance!

If you settle for less, then your client is getting less than they deserve. Try us once. Stay for excellence!

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The RiverRock Dental Laboratory Difference

What Your Team Does Differently

When you choose RiverRock Dental Laboratory, you get a quality control system that you can rely on time after time.

Count on your team to contact you immediately upon case arrival if there are any questions regarding the prescription, impression or materials selections.

Once the models are poured and mounted they move to Quality Control where they are checked for accuracy and are then equilibrated.

Your case then moves into waxing or scanning where it is again checked for accuracy. Once the case has been fabricated it again moves through Quality Control for evaluation.

Your case then proceeds through ceramics then back to Quality Control for final evaluation.

Your quality Control department checks for

  • Marginal integrity
  • Ideal interproximal contacts
  • Natural morphology
  • Idealized occlusal function
  • Shading
  • Surface topography and light reflection World-class aesthetics

The RiverRock Dental Laboratory Experience

Your Team

When you work with RiverRock Dental Laboratory, you join a team dedicated to meeting and exceeding both your requirements and expectations, time after time. Our commitment to superior craftsmanship, utilizing proven products and methods combined with state-of-the ­art fabrication techniques, sets RiverRock Dental Laboratory apart.

You can count on your team. When you call us, you are not only speaking to the people that know the status of your casework, but also to the technicians doing the work. Your team will be able to answer questions and resolve issues immediately. Most importantly, your casework will be delivered on time.

Your team consists of digital designers, master ceramists, waxers and support staff working together during each step of the manufacturing process to insure optimal form, fit and function, all while providing exceptional aesthetics. Our quality control standards and processes are second to none allowing us to deliver consistent results.

The RiverRock Dental Laboratory Mission

RiverRock Dental was founded on a simple philosophy.

Produce the best possible work without exception, which is why our mission statement is

“Provide quality beyond compare”