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Exceed your goals with personalized service and exacting standards. Dentists that require great customer service, financial rationality, lifelike artistry and quality consistency choose RiverRock Dental Laboratory. 

Fast-forward your revenue meter. RiverRock performs on time, the first time, every time! — giving you extra time! We drive revenue by reducing chair-side time, eliminating emergency return visits and by making more patients happy. We acheive this by utilizing the highest quality materials, the latest techniques plus a quality control system that is second to none . We’ve also developed a highly trained team, shunning the “assembly line” process.

As a patient focused lab, we realize you care for people as individuals,  not assemble them.

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“What an amazing lab to work with. Each person I have encountered has been amazing. Complex implant cases are delivered with minimal to no adjustment.. We Highly recommend this lab.” Dr Joseph Amalfitano, Traverse City MI

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Preparation depth is the key to maximizing Lithium Disillicate's beauty and strength - John Schwartz

If in vitro compression studies are an indication of in vivo performance, then lithium disilicate is a restoration you can hang your hat on. Lithium disilicate, although gaining popularity as a “new robust” dental material, has been available in dentistry for almost 15 years.