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TMD Diagnostics

We utilize differential diagnostic techniques including JVA, EMG, JT 3D, and T-scan to distinguish between internal derangement’s and myofacial pain. Armed with this knowledge you will understand how to proceed. You can then move into the stabilization, treatment, and maintenance phases with confidence.

Joint Vibration

Surface changes, such as those caused by degeneration, tears, or displacements of the disk, generally produce friction and vibration. Through the utilization of electrovibratography, different disorders produce different patterns or vibration “signatures”. PC-assisted vibration analysis helps identify these patterns and helps you distinguish among various TM disorders. 


SEMG is the worldwide standard method for recording muscle-specific activity in skeletal muscles. SEMG is the only way to objectively measure the actions and reactions of the muscles of the head and neck. With BioEMG III you can give up “HOPE” dentistry. Stop hoping and start knowing if the bite is right for the patients muscles.


The all-new JT 3D records incisor-point movements in three dimensions. A small magnet, attached to the labial surface of the mandibular incisors, is tracked by an array of sensors to produce verticle, antero-posterior and lateral components of movement.


Patient Bite