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Dual Performance: Esthetic • Diagnostic Temps





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Dr. Thanos Kristallis


RiverRock Dental Laboratory’s mission is to offer superior quality in the most time and cost effective package possible. We believe Ceramco provides us with this level of value with their Radica™ esthetic temps and indicative try-ins.

Strong, beautiful, and healthy makes an unbeatable combination! The Radica™ Provisional & Diagnostic Resin System is designed with excellent physical properties that enable us to provide a high level of quality every time.

Radica™ temps


  • Superior Esthetics due to multi-layer buildup technique
  • Virtually eliminate cracking/breaking worry: extended patient vacations are no longer a big concern, and full mouth reconstruction and implant restorations transitions go more smoothly
  • Bio-compatibility effectively lowers incidences of sensitivity: monomer-free formulation, extraoral cure
  • Brawny and Bite Hardened: superior flexural strength as compared to traditional bisacryls and higher wear resistance than IPN denture teeth

Diagnostic Value

The premium try-in diagnostic aspects of Radica™ temps provide another level of value to our dentist clients to ensure fit and function of final restorations. If your patient is visually satisfied, you seat the temp immediately and if there are any adjustments, RiverRock implements them in the final provisional.

Utilize RiverRock Advantage

Because our RiverRock Dental Lab team believes strongly in this long-term esthetic provisional, we provide it at a very reasonable fee, especially if you also have us develop the final restorations of that case. To improve the look and value of your temp casework, email us or call and ask for Tim Bolin, CDT: 231-929-7770.

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