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OCD Collaboration


Tim Bolin, CDT and RiverRock OCD expert, has developed and held lectures and study clubs to improve occlusal success for his clients and other dentists. Occlusion needs to be exact to provide long-term success in dentures, one-tooth restorations and entire smile makeovers. Ortho-Cranial elements play a vital role in this success.

He was also a special adviser to Dr. James Carlson, an international lecturer, and highly trained dentist and leading expert on ortho-cranial occlusion.

Our entire team’s training and experience in Myocentric occlusion gives us the knowledge and expertise to handle the simplest single-unit restoration to the most complex full mouth or combination casework. In addition to working with Dr. Carlson, we have advanced ortho-cranial training with Dr. Clayton Chan, Bill Wade, CDT and others.

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