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Technological Performance

RiverRock adds technology when it complements our goals of highest quality and client/patient satisfaction. CAD/CAM technology does this. We utilize the CEREC inLab and the 3Shape dental systems to help accomplish this end

CEREC inLab® provides us with the ability to connect with CEREC doctors to provide support for products not easily fabricated in office. This helps us support the quality and turnaround performance dentists and patients have come to expect!

What you should expect from this RiverRock and CEREC inLab® performance leap:


  •     LESS chair time burned
  •     Often MUCH Earlier Seat Dates
  •     Removal of temp failure from the equation
  •     Easier Prep (shoulder or chamfer, your choice)
  •     Milled Single, Solid Block Strength (All-Ceramic restorations)
  •     No rush fees associated with the inLab turnaround times
  •     99% 6-Year Success Rate Restorations (in-vivo)

Our 3Shape dental scanner allows us the opportunity to tap into an even broader aray of restorative options including custom implant abutments and partial framework designs!

The best turnaround times accompany all-ceramic restorations. Turnaround time is reduced from seven days or more to often less than five days. When a case requires zirconia additional time is required.

RiverRock now has the technology to do an exacting level of dentistry that your patients can experience in as little as one day (even less in some instances).

If you use CEREC 3, we can provide the highest level of speed and quality. Even without CEREC 3, our CEREC inLab® technology can significantly shorten seat dates, eliminating patient worry time and temp failures. Shortest seat times/dates require pre-scheduling.

The best turnaround times accompany all-ceramic restorations. When a case requires Zirconia (“ceramic steel”), turnaround is reduced from 7 days or more to often less than 5 days.

Our delivery timelines have always been set in stone – now we’ve also made them much shorter.

CEREC inLab® gives us the ability to produce the most comprehensive range of restorative applications including fully contoured crowns, multiple-unit bridges, inlays, onlays and splinted teeth.

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