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High Performance Notables

Consistent Delivery

“When RiverRock says it will be there in a certain number of days, that’s when it arrives!” Comments like this from our dentist clients simply state our delivery target: expect a bull’s eye every time.

Enhanced Turnaround Times

With our fluid internal/external case management and our direct communication relationships, and by utilizing the latest technology and materials, RiverRock provides superior turnaround times. Quality is never compromised, but we realize that consumers and dentists expectations are changing. The concept of “when it should be done” will continue to advance.

Dependable Quality

Again, our clients say it succinctly. “I have seen it at other labs: great initial first performance, then a mediocre second. With RiverRock, quality is consistent: throughout the entire year, throughout my entire relationship with them. I used to try other labs, but never found the experience worth the quality consistency drop.”

Adjustments Eliminated

Expect No Chairside Adjustments. RiverRock’s exacting standards and outstanding quality control¬†greatly reduce dental chair time so you can do more of what you do best: improving health and changing lives. Have more time and money to spend on making the patient experience even better. We GUARANTEE there will be no adjustments when all casework utilizes RiverRock Dental Laboratory’s recommended impression and bite registration techniques.